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               Lead Strip 


                      Material: Lead

                     Color: silver

                     Size for choice: 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.6MM/0.8MM/1MM


                      Soft and easy to roll, new and high quality.

                      Streamlined design, impermeable.

                      For fishing tackle, flexible and easy to use.

                      Use in Counterweight, adjust drift according to depth of water.    


          Lead foil 

          Purity99.994%,99.99%,99.97%;99.95%,99.9%,or as customer required.

          Length1000MM-10000MM,or customized

          Width: 50MM-600MM,Or Customized

          Thickness: 0.1MM-0.5MM

          Package: Lead Foils Are Packed With Standard Cartons And Wooden Cases,Or As Required.

           Shape: Square,Or In Roll

          Sample: Available